Antique Electronics for Sale in Basehor, KS

Bank Coin Still Ceramic matte finish. Still Piggy coin bank. Matte finish. Non Glazed. Color, matte white. plastic release at bottom. Coin insert atop. Height 4" X Length 4.5" X Depth 2-3/4". Plastic covering for protection. Priority Mail. Item is new.
Perfect gift for the traveler in your family, or the bank collector you love. This is a beautiful piece of Hummel art. It is in a suitcase shape
The ERTL Company Replica Mack 1926 Bull Dog HELIG Meyers Furniture Store Bank Truck. Green HELIG Myers Furniture logo white red Cast iron Body. Rubber wheels front- single wheels Rear wheels are double 2 on each. Metal rod supports wheels Hard plastic in center beneath bulldog replica bank truck from front to rear. Etsl Symbol on front Bank slot upper center Item Length 6-1/2" Item Width 2-1/4"...
2012 Bank Kids Female Wings Pig Purple Butterfly Durable Piggy Bank. Year 2012. Female pig piggy bank w/pink wings. Still piggy bank. Gender girls. Material extra-durable plastic. Piggy Bank has black drawn eyelashes. Color Purple White Pink Gray. Alar Butterfly wings atop pig back. Butterfly tentacles behind pig ear. Marking rear 2012. Footed, Curl tail, lift ears and regular snout. Coin inser...
In My white Room battery Lamp Rainbow desktop operated. Rainbow in my Room desk top Lamp. Color white. Battery operated. Curve arch illuminates showers of rainbows. Turn your room into a rainbow shower. Batteries has no guaranty. Push button Start. Darken the room and watch! Height 6 1/8" x Width 9" x Thickness 4". Rainbow In My Room print lower front Silver. Battery housing beneath controls. 6...
Video camera. 8 mm. Bell & Howell. Camera 319. Color: Graphite smooth Gray Brown Silver Black Red Amber, Yellow. Beautiful and heavy. Wind stem immaculate conditions.. Open side to camea film etc.. immaculate conditions. Start End view immaculate conditions. Bell & Howell detachable Sunometer immaculate conditions. Dial Cloudy dull Shade Hazy Bright sun immaculate conditions. Camera immaculate ...
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